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In Association with Amazon.com
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Here are some of my favorite links.  All of  the links are organized by category.  Please let me know if you have favorite sites I should add.  E-mail webgeek@abutu.com.

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Alliances  (back to Cool Links)

Amazon http://www.amazon.com

Mullins Imagination
Web Design, International Strategy and Photography

Mullins International
Website Localization and International Consulting
Cathedral Gardens
Independent Senior Living
Basenjis and other dog breeds (back to Cool Links)
American Kennel Club http://www.akc.org
Arubmec Basenjis (Pat Cembura) http://www.arubmec.com
Basenji Club of America http://www.basenji.org
Basenji Club of Northern California http://www.geocities.com/basenji_bconc/home.html
Basenji Companions http://www.basenjicompanions.org/index.html
Mafaili Ya Basenjis http://www3.sympatico.ca/daparkes/BasFilesIndex.html
Zande Basenjis (Sally Wallis) Basenji pedigrees http://www.zandebasenjis.com
China(back to Cool Links)
U.S. Embassy, Beijing http://www.usembassy-china.com.cn
American Chamber of Commerce http://www.amcham-china.org.cn
Beijing City Edition (currently off-line)
Bookoo.com http://www.bookoo.com
China Daily (English) http://www.chinadaily.com.cn
China Net http://www.chinanet.com
Chinese World http://www.chineseworld.com
CNN http://www.cnn.com
Netease (Chinese) http://www.netease.com
Netease (English) http://www6.163.com/feedback/overviewe.html
Official China Internet News http://www.chinanews.com
Ministry of Foreign Affairs http://www.fmprc.gov.cn/index.htm
Peoples Republic of China, Embassy http://www.china-embassy.org
NJ Star (software) http://www.njstar.com
TwinBridge (software) http://www.twinbridge.com

Chorus (back to Cool Links)

San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus http://www.sfgmc.org
Gay Men's Chorus of Washington, DC http://www.gmcw.org
Gay and Lesbian Association of Choruses http://www.galachoruses.org

Radio (back to Cool Links)

Lambda Amateur Radio Club http://www.qsl.net/wa6gg
Amateur Radio Relay League http://www.arrl.org

Scuba (back to Cool Links)

Divers Alert Network http://www.diversalertnetwork.org
Northern California Rainbow Divers http://www.rainbowdivers.org
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