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LARC sponsors ham radio classes in October!

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Friends of mine encouraged me for more than 6 years to study and take the certification exam for my amateur radio operator license.  My callsign is KE6GWO. 

Most of the time we just use the radios to communicate with each other around San Francisco Bay.  Many of us are members of the Lambda Amateur Radio Club of Northern California, or LARC

Classes for interested radio buffs will be taught in San Francisco on Saturdays, October 12 through November 4. The classes will cover basic radio theory as well as rules and regulations that govern the operation of ham radio.  The classes are designed for first time licensees. Contact me or Francis for more information.


What's the difference between CB  and Ham radio?
CB radios have a very limited number of frequencies that you can use.  With few frequencies they can be very busy. With ham radio, the potential number of frequencies is almost infinite within a specific range. 

Why do I need a license?
Because radio uses public airwaves, the Federal Communications Commission has jurisdiction over who can use them and who cannot.  Even CB operators are required to have valid operating licenses.

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